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Important information

It is the individual pilot's responsibility to plan their flights safely. The organisers of Fly-UK do not provide any flight safety information or flight planning and do not accept any responsibility for this.

Participants in this event are advised that there will be some flying over water and they may wish to consider suitable precautions including life jackets. For example, Loch Ness is 26 miles long with few if any suitable landing areas. This may be a part of our route. Other legs may be offshore. Participants select their own routes and may elect not to undertake over-water legs.

It is a requirement of certain airfields that radio is installed and pilots must be RT licenced. However this can usually be overcome, so anyone without radio should contact us to allow for contingency planning.

All pilots must have third party insurance.


Every participant must register on the Fly-UK database. To do this simply log on through the link below and provide the requested details. You will receive an email response within minutes so that you know that your registration has been successful. Then commit to your registration by paying the registration fee on the Fly-UK shop. This will confirm your place and show you on the participants list. You can also order t-shirts and caps. When updates are available you will again be notified by email. Don't expect much to happen until a few weeks prior to the start when everything kicks off!

Please register early so that the plans can be developed around the appropriate number of aircraft and participants and to let us inform you of event details as they develop. Feel free to pass the news to other club members who may not have email or Internet facilities and register your friends on their behalf.

Please ask friends, colleagues and family to contribute to this event through the Charity page. Since starting the collections we have raised a total of over £70,000 for the charity. In past years some pilots have raised up to a couple of thousand pounds, but that is exceptional. If you can raise just a couple of hundred that will help enormously.

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